xFlex belt 2.0 - belt revolution

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 xFlex belt 2.0 the leather belt revolution. New design stretchable leather with automatic buckle. It gives you extra stretch while needed

The xFlex belt 2.0 design was inspired by backers suggestions. We have totally redesign the buckle tracking system and invented stretchable leather to replace the stretchable woven fabric. #mens-stretch-belts, #stretchBelt

The new redesigned buckle
It is so easy to use, for releases or adjust the belt, simply push a small tap under the buckle for quick adjustment. The belt surface just like your regular leather belt and buckle.


  • Stretchable leather and automatic buckle allow unrestricted movement 
  • High quality construction and leather details for durability 
  • No hole buckle tracking system offers a perfect fit
  • perfect golfing belt


  • New special design metal buckle 
  • Materials: 60% stretchable leather ,40% Italian Genuine Leather
  • AUTOMATIC BUCKLE : 2018 New design Flat black buckle with automatic track system. 
  • PERFECT FIT: In this ever-changing world, you need a belt that adapts with you, every 1/4 inch of the way. X-Flex belts conform to your exact waist size, every time you put it on. 
  • ADJUSTABILITY: It's true, X-Flex belt are 8X's more adjustable than traditional belts. That's because they offer over 40 sizing positions to choose from. Traditional belts have only 5. 
  • NO HOLES: No more worn-out, stretched-out, augmented, poor-fitting belt holes to deal with. Instead a modern, hidden track system that lasts longer and conforms to your precise waist size. 
  • BETTER TECHNOLOGY : Patent pending spring-loaded buckle is more reliable, sleeker and lasts longer vs. competitor’s magnet buckles that stick & malfunction.
  • NEW Belt loop Design : to prevent loss of belt loop


xFlex belt 2.0 stretchable leather :

  • state of the art stretchable leather that twist and turn with your every move, providing increased range of motion. There is no holding back when you have xFlex belt 2.0 on your side.

Belt Size

  • X-Flex belt 2.0 are approx. 3.5 cm (1.4") wide and fit all jeans and most pants. 
  • X-Flex belt 2.0 has waist sizes cover from 27" up to 47"

How to pick the belt size ?
You should pick the belt size that is same as your pant size. For example: if you wear a pant size between 36" to 38". You should pick the L size for the belt. We will have the options in the survey for you to select the size for your belt.

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