Magnet car mount FAQ



How does Magnet Universal Car Mount Holder work?
The Magnet car mount secures your smartphone with four miniature, lightweight industrial magnets. The mount bonds to your textured dashboard or windshield with our patented, ultra-sticky gel suction cup, which are over twice as strong as traditional suction cups.

Is Magnet Universal Car Mount Holder safe to use with my smartphone?

Yes! the Magnet car mount has successfully cleared more than 10,00 hours of laboratory testing, and has been shown safe to use with all major smartphone brands and models. Magnets don’t disrupt modern smartphones because these devices typically don’t contain spinning magnetic hard drives. As stated in Macworld magazine, “magnet-based accessories are safe to use with smartphones and pose no threat of scrambling interior electronics” (January 12, 2012).

My smartphone compass won’t work when mounted on my Magnet car mount! How do I resolve this? 
Some models of smartphones have compasses which may experience minimal interference when mounted onto Magnet car mount. This situation can be easily resolved by removing your smartphone from your Magnet car mount and waving it in a figure-eight motion to reset the compass. When you place your smartphone back onto your Magnet car mount, the compass should work again. Make sure the magnet is not in direct contact with the top edge of the device, as this is where electronic compasses are installed in many mobile devices.

What cases will work with the Magnet car mount?

Any case that is less than 0.05" or 2 mm thick will work fine with Magnet car mount. Plastic or thin gel cases will work best with the Magnet car mount. Thicker cases could work, but the magnetic strength to securely hold the phone will be weaker. We do not advise using cases that are thicker.

What if I don't want to use a case with my phone?

If you don't want to use a case, you can either stick the rectangle piece on the back of the phone or if your phone has a battery cover, you can stick the thin round metal piece between the battery cover and the battery of the phone.

Which smartphone models are compatible with Magnet Universal Car Mount?

Magnet car mount is designed to be compatible with all major brands and models of smartphones: iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy (S3/S4, Note 2/3), HTC One / Nexus, and Nokia devices, among many others. Please see below for a list of compatible smartphones.




LG / Nokia / Nexus


iPhone 6, 6 Plus

Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5

HTC One X, S

Optimus L, F, G

Bold 9900, 9930, 9790

iPhone 5, 5S, 5C

Galaxy Note 2, Note 3


Lumia most models

Curve 9315, 9310, 9360

iPhone 4, 4S

Galaxy S Blaze 4G


Nexus One, S, 5, 6


iPad Mini

Galaxy Player 3.6



Z30, Z10


Focus 2











How big is the Magnet Car Mount and can I mount it in my car?

The Magnet car mount is completely inconspicuous when holding your smartphone, allowing you to have an unobstructed view of the road. The Magnet car mount is the size of a wallet, with a footprint smaller than a cup of coffee. However, every state has different laws governing the mounting of objects onto windshields and dashboards. Please refer to the laws of your state.

What surfaces will the suction cup stick to?
The Magnet car mount is suitable for non-porous surfaces, such as glass, ceramic tiles, polished stone, heavily lacquered wood and smooth plastics. We do not recommend mounting your Magnet car mount on lightly lacquered wood, walls, granite, and other porous surfaces, which allow air to seep in between the gel suction cup and the mounting surface. We recommend that you first test your Magnet car mount for a few hours at a low height before mounting in your car. Remember to dry your Magnet car mount suction cup thoroughly before installing onto any surface, as water droplets could weaken the grip of the suction cup.

Magnet Car Mount does not stick to my dashboard, what should I do?
If the Magnet car mount does not stick to your dashboard you can consider mounting it on your windshield or window. However if both of those options do not work, we have seen some customers purchase dashboard disks to stick to the dash

Can I install the Magnet Car Mount on my curved dashboard?
The Magnet car mount uses a 3M silicone-gel suction cup which will secure the mount onto even hard-to-mount surfaces, including surfaces incompatible with traditional suction cups. However, some dashboards are made of a plastic mesh which allows air to flow in between the gel suction cup and the mounting surface, which may impede mounting. Before buying the Magnet car mount, test with a normal kitchen suction cup on the dashboard to see if it sticks for a long period of time. Further, please test your Magnet car mount on your dashboard before using it with your smartphone.

Can I place the magnet directly onto the back of my smartphone?
We recommend that you place the metallic plate under your phone case, or on a transparent phone protector you can purchase and stick on the back of your smartphone. You can affix a separate metallic plate directly to the back of your smartphone with 3M adhesive tape, both provided in your setup kit. However this method of installation is not recommended, as we will not be held liable for any residue to your smartphone or case resulting from the adhesive tape.

I need more metal plates (metal disks) where can I buy more?
We sell additional metal plates (disks) on our website, you can get them in

Could my smartphone fall off the Magnet Car Mount unexpectedly?
The magnetic force of your Magnet car mount will firmly hold your smartphone during regular use. However, please be advised of the following safety warnings:

Do not mount your Magnet car mount directly above hazardous objects; from the ceiling or other high locations; directly above your head or at a location where it may fall on another person; in a manner where improper usage may cause injuries to you or others around you; in areas where it will affect your ability to drive or block road vision; or in front of airbag areas inside a vehicle. Do not mount your Magnet car mount while operating a vehicle. Do not leave Magnet car mount under direct sunlight and/or around heat sources exceeding 120°F (50°C). Do not leave Magnet car mount mounted on a surface for more than 24 hours.