iPhone 6 Black Classic Genuine Leather wallet case FAQ

Are there any care suggestions for my Leather case?


All leather requires care and attention in order to extend its lifetime use and functionality. Please see our leather care suggestions below.


TO CARE: Keep your leather case out of direct sunlight or heat. Any unnatural application of heat may damage your case, causing it to dry and crack. Allow your leather case to breathe. Please cover in a breathable cloth (such as cotton) when stored or not in use. Do not use an airtight case such as a plastic bag. If case becomes wet, apply firm pressure with towel or other absorbent material. DO NOT RUB. Let leather dry in room temperature. Do not attempt to quicken the process by applying heat. Apply a conditioner sparingly if so desired after completely drying the case.


TO CLEAN: Wipe down case with soft (100% cotton) cloth to remove excess dirt or dust. Make sure the case is dry. All leather products will deteriorate over time, as the natural fibers in the leather break down. Extending the lifetime of the case requires care and cleaning. Conditioners are also a method of treatment, but use as little product as possible. We do not recommend leather cleaning products on white or similarly light toned case finishes. Simple cleaning with a dry, soft clean cloth every week will provide longer-lasting use of your leather case.