X-Flex Belt - Most Comfortable Belt Ever

$ 59.99

We wear a belt everyday. However, we sacrifice comfort in many situations by wearing a belt, especially while sitting which is a major pattern in our life today.

The X-Flex Belt is reinvented to solve this problem. It helps us to dress up in a formal way, and also provides extra comfort while seated due to the stretchable woven fabric structure in the back. The X-Flex belt is a revolutionized product serving the best of both worlds for people looking for comfort without sacrificing looks.

X-Flex Belt created with woven construction and leather details, this belt allows for a durable wear and comfortable fit. The automatic buckle with no-hole strap offers a customizable fit, while the X-Flex stretch woven fabric and Automatic Buckle allows for unrestricted movement.

Five style to choose

  • Carbon Fiber pattern italian leather X-Flex belt
  • Crossgrain pattern italian leather X-Flex belt
  • CAMO style X-Flex belt 
  • Brown Carbon Fiber pattern italian leather X-Flex belt
  • Brown crossgain pattern italian leather X-Flex belt

Design :  

Automatic Buckle : Brushed gunmetal harness buckle with automatic track system.

  • PERFECT FIT: In this ever-changing world, you need a belt that adapts with you, every 1/4 inch of the way. X-Flex belts conform to your exact waist size, every time you put it on.  
  • ADJUSTABILITY: It's true, X-Flex belts are 8X's more adjustable than traditional belts. That's because they offer over 40 sizing positions to choose from. Traditional belts have only 5.  
  • NO HOLES: No more worn-out, stretched-out, augmented, poor-fitting belt holes to deal with. Instead a modern, hidden track system that lasts longer and conforms to your precise waist size.  
  • BETTER TECHNOLOGY : Patented, spring-loaded buckle is more reliable, sleeker and lasts longer vs. competitor’s magnet buckles that stick & malfunction. 

X-Flex Woven stretch fabric : state of the art fibers that twist and turn with your every move, providing increased range of motion. There is no holding back when you have X-Flex belt on your side.

Belt Size

  • X-Flex belts are approx. 3.5 cm (1.4") wide and fit all jeans and most pants.
  • X-Flex belt has waist sizes cover from 27" up to 47"

How to pick the belt size ?

You should pick the belt size that is same as your pant size. For example: if you wear a pant size between 36" to 38". You should pick the L size for the belt. We will have the options in the survey for you to select the size for your belt.



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