How to stop all iPhones and iPads in the house from ringing at the same time on incoming call ? January 26, 2015 13:49

If you have kids with iPhones in the house, or share an Apple ID with someone in close proximity to your Wi-Fi network, you've undoubtedly already noticed the annoying "collective ringing" phenomenon. In short, your phone will ring if someone calls them, and theirs will ring if someone calls you, a less than ideal situation.

This "feature" has arrived with iOS 8 and Apple's Continuity undertaking that hands off calls to your iPad when your phone in the other room rings, for instance. This is undoubtedly handy if you want to pick up on your tablet, but if you have logged your kid, or another person in the house with your Apple ID, in order to keep an eye on impulse purchases, it could be a double-edged sword. Fret not, however, as there is an easy way to remedy the situation:

1. Go to your iPhone's Settings menu, and hit the FaceTime feature;
2. In the FaceTime list you will see an option titled "iPhone Cellular Calls," which is turned on by default;
3. Switch the slider to the "off" position, and do it on all other iDevices that are associated with your iTunes, iCloud and so on Apple ID accounts;
4. That's it, now incoming calls won't be ringing across your household, regardless of who they are meant for.