You can use Facebook Messenger share your Dropbox files with friends May 9, 2016 00:00

Dropbox and Facebook announced Messenger users now have the ability to easily share files stored in the cloud-storage service using Facebook's messaging platform.

In order to use the new feature, make sure your Android or iOS device has the latest version of the Dropbox [Android | iOS] and Facebook Messenger [Android | iOS] applications.

With both apps updated, the next time you're in a conversation and want to send a file, tap on the "More" button (three-dot icon just above the keyboard). Find and selectDropbox from the list of services, and tap on Open. The first time you select Dropbox, you'll have to grant permission for Facebook Messenger to access your files. Once that's done, select a file you want to send and let Dropbox do its magic. A few seconds later, Messenger will open with the selected file attached to your conversation.

The recipient receiving the file can view the file in Messenger, or open it in his or her Dropbox account.

Facebook states that the feature is rolling out, so if even after updating you don't see Dropbox listed as a service, keep checking the list.